Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Impact Everyone Can Make

Opinions From an Average Jorge "It is what it is."  "You'll just have to learn to accept it."  "You need to be normal."  If it is meant to happen, then it will."  "You better watch what you say because you don't want to offend anyone."

I am sure that everyone knows at least one person that lives by any one, or a combination of the sentences I presented to begin this blog.  I am also certain that many of you who decide to read this blog will fall under that criteria as well.  Are you wrong to have this mindset?  Well, I am not here to judge your position or enforce my opinion on you.  See, the beauty of technology is that you don't have to sit in front of a computer and read what I have to say.  If you don't like it, you are more than welcome to close this page and pretend my article never existed.  I would like to put it out there right now that plenty of you will not like what I have to say...which is EXACTLY what I want!

My name is Jorge, and up until recently I have been trying to figure out how to best make an impact on people in this country.  This has been a long time coming; those who know me shouldn't be surprised.  So, what exactly am I doing with this blog?  I am going to express my opinions without any concerns for people who disagree with me, or those who just happen to be outright offended by what I say.  Most people who will be offended will most likely present a generic response, which is also something I expect.  Therein lies my ultimate goal: I want to revive the voices of the American people.

Most of you out there feel the same way I did: no matter how much we voice our concerns to the hierarchy of society, the words always seem to fall on deaf ears.  And when issues are addressed, they are only addressed just enough to shut everyone up.  In other words, they are just placing a band-aid over an open wound requiring stitches AND staples!  Let's face it people, the only time anything is ever done up top is when the job is on the line.  Once their job seems secure once again, things start to taper off again: leading to more complaints, more issues and more dissatisfaction among the masses.

The approach I plan to take going forward is to counter political correctness and the status quo with unity through individuality.  I was taught long ago that there is no way to please everyone 100% of the time.  Political correctness is an attempt to reach that goal, but it is failing miserably.  If anything, our appointed leaders have succeeded in making all of us upset by way of division.  We have been pre-programmed to believe that we have to choose one side or the other: there is no option C, no middle of the road.  By doing this, our voices have been rendered mute and meaningless.

Through individuality we can create a stronger unity.  This all starts with you finding yourself and defining yourself as an individual.  Create your own persona, develop your own opinions, and speak them with conviction.  Do not hate people for not agreeing with you.  Understand that there will be differences in what others think, but appreciate that they have an opinion.  We spend so much time scrutinizing and chastising others for their beliefs, sexual preference and everything in between, but don't stop to look at ourselves in the mirror and realize we are no better ourselves for being so critical.

It is time to stop pointing at everyone when something goes wrong.  The energy wasted on pointing that finger can be better applied to finding the solution to the problem.

I would like to clarify that, while my purpose in all this is to get our voices back to the levels they once were in the past, this blog will not be entirely serious.  There will be lighter moments in the mix.  In the end, I want people to express themselves without fear of repercussions.  I don't want to have any back and fourths among my readers.  The only person you need to worry about agreeing or disagreeing with is me.  I also want to know why.  The most you will get out of me is acknowledgement for having an opinion but I will not argue back.  Part of being an individual is understanding and appreciating the fact that not everyone will agree with your position.  People, that is OKAY!  If you want to break away from the norm-status-quo-it-is-what-it-is mindset, you have to think for yourself.  I look forward to making a difference.  This is just one small step.  I will soon be taking that giant leap.  Revive our voices!!!

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