Friday, February 10, 2012

Lead-in To Next Weeks's topic

I came across a video which I think would be a perfect lead-in to my next topic: social networking and technology in general.  While technology has been quite the gift, it has been just as much - if not more - of a curse to people today.  It is great to interact with people without having to leave your bedroom, but not having those face to face interactions on a steady basis - in my opinion - has taken away from the value of relationships.  Nowadays, if you don't want to be someone's friend anymore, you just "defriend" them, block them from being able to view any information on your page, and hope they can take a hint so that no up front confrontation is needed.  I think technology has a lot to do with why we have become so much weaker as a country. 

To touch back on the last topic a little, cyber-bullying has proven to just as effective as physical bullying.  Where it is more noticeable is with the age group that has been raised with all the social media accessibility.  These kids are most likely getting a dose of both the physical AND cyber-bullying.

On Monday I will provide my opinion on this and a number of other areas when it comes to our technological advances, and how they have helped and hindered the way we operate today.

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